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logo_cmdsealWhether we pick up your dry cleaning items or you drop them off at our store, we dry clean the items on premise in our store in our state of the art, environmental friendly equipment.  Here’s what this state of the art dry cleaning equipment means to you:
1. Clothes are processed using the industry’s simplest process.  This precise process system eliminates the need for prespotting, known to break down and damage clothes. The detergent is automatically injected and drycleaning equipment is preprogrammed for uninterrupted workflow and consistent quality.
2. A process that’s safe for clothes.  Since the process requires less prespotting, it is proven safe for all types of dry clean only fabrics. Clothes are left feeling soft and smelling fresh. Colors stay vibrant.  
3. A process that’s safe for the environment.  Every product is made from natural renewable resources and is safe with reducing residue which is good for our environment.
4. Superior results thus the best cleaning money can buy. For example, our Platinum Shirt Laundry detergent delivers the brightest, whitest shirts with no collar scrubbing, no starch build up and less shrinkage giving you a better looking and longer lasting shirt. 
5. Endorsements from top designer labels.  No one else in the industry can match Sanitone’s decades of experience and exclusive precision process. That’s why only Sanitone provides endorsements from top designer labels.

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